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Pragmatic Research Network

"In God we trust; all others must have data"  Dr Hank Coble - AMA

“...Pragmatism meets the world as we find it and asks: How can we improve it - not in some ideal way with a predetermined endpoint, but in a practical way in the here and now, within a context of the social, cultural, political, and economic realities we are given?”

1999. Fishman, D.B.  The Case for Pragmatic Psychology. New York University Press. New York


Welcome to the Pragmatic Research Network

We are an international consortium of  practitioners, researchers, university professors, public health specialists, service consumer advisors and organisation representatives who share a common language and interest in the promotion and production of practice based evidence in the fields of integrative, complementary, mental health and substance service delivery.

We have come together to create a collective resource where we learn from each other, and, in so doing, to offer leadership, advice, consultancy, training and resources to facilitate individual practitioners, mental health training programmes, students in training, postgraduate researchers, groups and organisations to pursue and extend their knowledge of the gathering and reporting of practice based effectiveness evidence from the front line of service delivery. 

We are a 'not-for-profit' collaborative organisation committed to building and supporting an international community with shared values.



Our Aims

  • To promote a learning environment for open exchange between interested parties
  • To actively promote and encourage outcome informed research into effectiveness of delivery of mental health,  substance abuse, addictions and any other related services in these fields
  • To offer guidance to practitioners regarding the conducting of research, promoting the concept of the “clinician researcher” 
  • To act as a central repository for PRN’s, nationally and internationally 
  • To offer balance in our field through a complementary approach to evidencing effectiveness in service delivery



  • To attract interested parties internationally to contribute to the furthering of the aims
  • To offer resources and information to assist in the gathering of robust practice based evidence
  • To provide research tools at negotiated discounted rates to students at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • To provide supervision in outcome informed practice and working with feedback for practitioners
  • To offer consultancy to services and organisation seeking to ingorporate measurement systems into their practice

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